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youth ministry

Purpose Statement
Our youth ministry helps students ENCOUNTER JESUS every week and influence a FUTURE GENERATION OF LEADERS whose passion for Jesus will TRANSFORM OTHERS from the inside out.
This small group gives children a safe place to belong. This group is open to newcomers and leaders are always excited to include new guests. Just like in the adult LWCCIM Worship Experience, our elementary-age children have the opportunity to respond to what God is saying to them by going to the cross and requesting prayer.


Meets every Friday
Jesus-centered young adults grounded in faith, changing the world, and making disciples. Whether you're starting your first job, in college, or making a transition, become part of a group that values spiritual growth while building friendships that will last a lifetime.  This small group is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of college-aged young adults (18-25). We do this through a wide variety of experiences that help college age students nurture a relationship with Christ in a loving community as they navigate the challenges of this life-stage.


Meets every Friday
We’re committed to providing a place for students (1st - 12th grade) to connect with God, with other students, and with committed leaders who are dedicated to seeing students grow closer to Jesus. Everyone wants to belong to something. At LWCCIM, we see each student as the individual they are: unique and one of a kind in Christ Jesus.


Monday - Saturday at Noon
Intentional prayer group using scripture power tools to pray over specific topics each week.  This includes prayer for our peers, teachers, school, parents, family members, leaders, the vision of the church, etc. This group will meet through a weekly 1-hour conference call.  This aids children in learning how to pray from a young age.