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Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. - 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV

Nehemiah 3

Rebuilding the Wall: Walking in your AssignmenT

January 1, 2021

“I absolutely love talking about assignments. I love hearing about people walking in their assignments, helping them identify their assignments, and motivating people to continue their assignments.” — Executive Pastor Sandra Walters

In Nehemiah 3, we get to see the connection between all the people who worked together to build the wall under Nehemiah’s instructions and all that God will do to ensure our assignment is supported; this is beyond encouraging. When a heavenly assignment gets to meet the earthly vessel God has assigned to fulfill it, it’s simply glorious. This is when the vision God gave us becomes more tangible and accessible. Since our assignment is how the purpose will be fulfilled, heaven touches Earth when these two things connect within our lives. It is at this point and in this moment that God is able to do amazing things for His glory using what we have said yes to. We just have to be willing to use what’s in our hands.

I remember when I felt led to start a blended family organization that is now known as Better Than Blended. I grew up in a blended family, so I was fully aware of the various challenges of being part of a blended family. Not that all families don’t have challenges, but blended families are unique. Being the youngest in my family, I was hit hardest by those challenges.
I never had the opportunity to experience a single holiday, birthday, or event with all my siblings present. Small, but significant, situations such as this became motivating factors in my writing a book and developing an organization that desired to encourage unity when my husband and I got married and became a blended family.

The vision was birthed from a life I had not seen but knew was possible. So, Better Than Blended became the assignment. And when my husband came on board with me, it took wings of its own.

Assignments are defined by the purpose, and the purpose is fulfilled by the assignments. When assignment and purpose lock arms, it’s not about what you can do on your own; it’s about what God can do through you. All He needs is your yes and your willingness to be obedient to the assignments He puts before you.


What is your assignment? Once we understand the purpose, we must learn how it looks to fulfill it daily through our assignments. Nehemiah was a cup-bearer, so why was he building a wall? What is the difference between the purpose and your assignment? How can we be an active participant in the work God wants to fulfill on the earth.

Talk It Over

All assignments that God has us on are impactful and a contribution to His greater purpose.  What assignments are you walking in right now?  Based on this month’'s reading, create a prayer list with scriptures where you need to be firmly anchored.  
Below is a list of products for you to read alongside your Bible for a deeper understanding in the subject area.  I pray it blesses, sharpens, helps you grow.


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