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Living Word Christian Center International Ministries has gone through numerous changes and transformation over the last 22 years.

22 years are clear signs of victory. Victory achieved not only through human strength and intellect but through unwavering commitment, partnership, collaboration and obedience to God's leading and instructions.

Having its start 22 years ago in November of 1996; as Coral Springs Church of God, by the late Bishop Joel E. Walters and wife Reverend Cynthia Walters, founders and forerunners of what we celebrate today. It was on Sunday, November 17, 1996, the church led its first service in their living room with ten people. Soon after its birth, the growth was evident, and the need for more space was clear and the decision was made to rent the hall at La Quinta Hotel to conduct worship services. By the following year on January 12, 1997, the church was organized officially by the then State Administrator Bishop Quan L. Miller of the Church of God.

Services continued at La Quinta Hotel for over a year, and growth continued likewise, requiring the church to acquire its own space, and moved into its former location at 10250 West Sample Road, Coral Springs Florida.

Please know that the church's growth and expansion did not happen in a vacuum but with the help and support of Bishop Joel's and Cynthia's sons; who are undoubtedly great blessings, both as the fruit of their loins and to the ministry. Sons namely, their firstborn, Joel Anthony, was the bus driver, sound engineer, and the person who was relied upon to do whatever was necessary. Their second son, Oral, was the first musician, praise and worship leader, and Sunday School teacher. Their grandchildren Oral, Marc-Antoine, and Brandon along with Georgette Fisher (a founding member's daughter) made up the youth department. Georgette was the first praise dancer, Oral, the first and current drummer, and Marc-Antoine the first male soloist. Wow! In those 22 years we have seen all these children, become adults, and now married with children.

Let’s take a moment in this celebration to reflect on the life of the late Bishop Joel E. Walters. Bishop Joel E. Walters was a true shepherd. He led with dignity, integrity, and humility, and a calm demeanor was his trademark. His careful walk with God was duly noted, a living example and proof that we can live Holy. He was a man who lived what he preached, and God blessed him; for under his leadership the church grew in strength and number. Bishop Walters fought a good fight, he kept the faith, finished his race, and has now received his crown of righteousness. On Sunday, May 30, 2004, Bishop Joel E. Walters went home to be with the Lord, leaving behind a church built on a strong foundation. He was succeeded by his second son, Oral St. P. Walters, who is the current pastor, with his wife pastor Sandra J. Walters who labors together in the ministry. Together they are committed to perpetuate and build on the legacy; to win the lost by preaching and teaching the word of God, so that all may see the word, hear the word, and be converted by the word.

Eight years after the succession of leadership, On Sunday, April 1, 2012, Coral Springs Church of God was officially changed to Living Word Christian Center International Ministries and moved to its current location. The church continues to experience growth amid struggles and against the changing economic climate. With a mission to shape a generation for the Kingdom of God through worship, education, and outreach; Living Word has developed numerous areas of ministry. Some of these ministries focus heavily on community outreach; with the most notable programs being:
•  Food Pantry which provides an estimated 16,000 meals to low-income families in the Coral Springs community annually.
•  Ministry school which offers spiritual education and development through a two-year curriculum at minimal cost, and had its first graduating class last month.
•  Youth Ministry which serves the youth through mentorship and other youth-related activities, including an annual back to school production which distributes school supplies in support of every
    child becoming well-rounded individuals in society.  

Additionally, the church offers a host of educational activities such as health and financial workshops.

Moving forward, Living Word Christian Center International Ministries is in the process of seeking opportunities to expand its Community Outreach to the South Florida Community through programs that will impact and benefit the underserved populations in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Living Word Christian Center International Ministries will continue to run the race with patience, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Forgetting those things behind and reaching the things which are before, pressing toward the goal; knowing that all things are doable through Christ who strengthens, and God who helps and upholds with His righteous right hand.

Congratulations Living Word Christian Center International Ministries for honoring the legacy and holding fast to a commitment to: Live with purpose, Share the Word, and Transform lives.